Sarah Jacob


KTA Interiors is an Interior & Design firm, founded by Sarah Jacob Kochuthommen in 2008. KTA Interiors was set up with a singular motive of conceiving and designing projects that are unique and proud to be different. This firm became synonymous with the creation of high quality interiors for exclusive private residential, Commercial, retail and hotel clients. With over 10 years of experience, Sarah has been providing clients with sophisticated interior design solutions to suit their homes and Business.

She works closely with clients to create unique, personal interiors which are comfortable, livable and sensitive to their lives and personalities. Each project carries the heart of an artisan designer which can be felt when you enter her interiors.Strongly passionate about design and unique characters in each client, Sarah has made a career of creating spaces of distinction. She approches each project with exuberance, eager to solve the aesthetic and functional needs of a space.

Throughout her career Sarah sought to maintain a level of perfection and sustainability; interior designs that would inspire, yet remain timeless in a modern world and be much loved for years to come. It was this ambition and desire to maintain such high standards that is greatly admired by her peers and the design world.